OPD Patient-Call System

OPD’s in the hospital have number of Reception Counter & Number of Chambers for Doctor’s. Each chamber may be offered to different Doctor at different time slots. Patient willing to consult any doctor can book his / her appointment at any reception counter. Attendant at reception counter inserts particular Doctor’s chamber number & slot No. and commands for taken printout. Each reception counter is wired to a Master Controller which stores all information and allots token no on every new booking. Master controller also up-dates each chamber of latest booking thus keeping Doctor’s informed of waiting patients. Doctor’s chamber have display cum key unit. For call in next patent, he presses one key and the next token No. is displayed out-side the chamber or at common waiting area having Central Display Unit.

Medisystems   OPD Patient – Call Systems address the daily chaos in OPD waiting   areas in hospitals, everywhere.  Installation of these systems brings a   huge   improvement   in   the   management of OPDs. The    system    can    address   up to    32 examination rooms, consulting room or counter windows.  The main display can also be slaved for simultaneous visibility in different waiting areas. No central operator is needed.   The physician directly keys in the   patient / case   number and the door display indicator helps guide the patient into the room.


  • Organized waiting area
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Micro-controller based System
  • Effective solution for hospital OPDs
  • Helps in organizing waiting area
  • Reduced manpower requirement
  • Cost effective


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