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Mobile Disinfector

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“Repeated studies show that what accumulates on a mobile phone is germy, nastiness worse then what is on the bottom of your shoe” Deccan Herald (Posted: Jan 13, 2014)

“Cell Phones found with more bacteria than toilet seat” Fox News (Posted: Mar 06, 2013)

“Mobile Phones have 18% more bacteria than toilet handle” Mail Online (Posted: July 13,2010)

What a mobile can cause?

Ø E coli and salmonella cause food poisoning, urinary tract infections and neonatal meningitis

Ø Helicobacter pylori cause gastritis and ulcers

Ø Neisseria meningitides causes meningitis

Ø Staphylococcus aurous causes pneumonia and food poisoning

Ø  Streptococcal bacteria cause meningitis, ear infection and strep throat.

Just keep your phone into the device for ultra violet light to kill deadly pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Key functions:

  • Ultra violet Sterilization –Two UV tubes sterilize the surface of phones
  • Ozone Sterilization- Sterilize key button and earphone hole etc..
  • Anion air purification- Purify air in the room or office and able to absorb formaldehyde
  • Incense function- Makes the phone full of fragrance.
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