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Load body Cover

Our extensive research on the carriage load body roof has led us to an invention. The research indicates that, goods carrier vehicles are made with permanent fixed roofs and open type carriages causing serious logistic and maintenance issues for vehicle owners.

Primarily pertaining to the permanent fixed roof, the goods stacking height is greater than the roof capacity, therefore making it impossible for transport. The issue with open roof types is the dependency

on weather conditions or risking damage to the contents. Fixed roof option eliminates any flexibility for increasing the carriage load and stacking capacity.

Not affects the existing luggage carriage.

    • No welding
    • No need of skilled assistance
    • Can be mounted on different bodies
    • Can be mounted with less time
    • No special modification required on OE luggage carriage.
    • Product is available off-shelf & can be fixed in very less time.
    • It will be readily available from distributors.
    • Ease of installation and removal.

Repair and Maintenance

  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to repair & replace worn out parts.
  • Materials used are of low cost, so maintenance will be economical.
  • Standardized precision parts make it convenient for repairs & replace.
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